Day 5 At Dressage Camp

Here is Rogo looking out of his stall.
Today was incredibly fun and productive. On his fifth day of hard work I thought Rogo would be very tired, but he came out with the energy of his first day outside in spring. Who is he and what has he done with Rogo? He was all go, go, go. What fun! His canter had amazing jump and he had a huge trot. All I had to do to get either of them was stay out of his way.
Sue said he is enjoying himself and the new forward, and also the weather today may have affected him some (a bit cooler, around 20 C.). Whatever the reason, I loved it.
We did lots of circles and serpentines in trot. In the serpentines we walked over the centre line and did the rest in trot. This helps school half halts. In canter I need to bend and release on a circle, with lots of outside rein support, to help him use his hind quarters and lift his back. 
We did trot leg yield from the wall inward. I should only ask for 2 or 3 good steps when doing it this way.
All in all a great day. Tomorrow I have a lesson in the morning and then go home.

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Wouldn't it be great of we could always be at horse camp?! Glad you and Rogo are enjoying yourselves, and learning so much :)
Jeni said…
I think I need to find one of these and just save for it and go. It sounds like such fun and awesome learning!
TBDancer said…
I am really enjoying reading of your adventures at dressage camp. Sounds like such fun! Wish there I knew of a camp near me. I'd save my money too and go, too!
Megan said…
Sounds like a lot of fun! I'm glad both you and Rogo seem to be having a great time!
Horse camp seems like a load of fun with the bonus of learning thrown in. I wish we could all do this sort of thing every month. Not only would we benefit but I think the horses would love it too. It seems Rogo is having a blast for himself. Too bad you have to go home.
Achieve1dream said…
I've enjoyed reading about the clinic. I'm glad you had fun and Rogo was such a dream. :D