Can You Help Us?

I've posted about our plans to develop an equestrian facility. I'm excited because our on-line survey is ready to go! I promise I'm not going to go all commercial on my blog - this is my training journal - but I can't help talking about it from time to time. Although the facility is being built in Nova Scotia, I'm looking for facility user needs and preferences and I think they're probably quite similar regardless of geography. Can you help us by filling out the survey? I'm going to keep the survey link posted above for the next month and would love to get your feedback. Also, send me comments or email me if you have thoughts or advice that don't fit in the survey. As always, comments are candy :) Please feel free to forward the link to anyone you think might be interested.
I'm chronicling the facility development process on facebook and Twitter if you're interested in following along and putting in your .02 worth from time to time.
Back to training journal posts tomorrow. It rained again today (we're awash in mud) so no riding :(


Rising Rainbow said…
Very exciting news! I'll take a look at your survey.
Carol said…
Thanks Mikael! Your knowledge of showgrounds, event organizing and competitor needs will be a great asset.
juliette said…
I'll take the survey later...good luck with this...exciting! We are in mud too! I love the new (to me) header photo!
I've filled out your survey even though I'm not from Nova Scotia. Good questions. Good luck with the facility I think it's a great idea.
Achieve1dream said…
Wow I looked at the survey and started to answer the questions but I know nothing about Nova Scotia or even really about showing . . . I've never competed before and I've only been behind the scenes at tiny dressage shows before so I don't think I'm much help. I'm excited though and don't mind you posting about your place at all. :)