Our Land

Here is an aerial view of the land we're buying - the land inside the red line is the parcel.

April 25th is the closing date. I wish we could just start building right away, but there's lots of planning to do. We have to consider the services we want to offer, what the market is, how much we need to invest to deliver the service well and the break even point, etc., etc. Also we need to learn the legislative and financial framework around agriculture - it isn't simple. Here are a few things we need to educate ourselves on:
  • Residential, resource, forestry and commercial assessment, 
  • Farm Credit Canada and Nova Scotia Farm Loan Board,
  • Farm Registration and Environmental Management Plans,
  • Green design and funding programs,
  • etc., etc., etc.
Additionally we need to develop capital and operating costs, five year revenue projections, risk management plans, ...
135 acres gives us lots to play with though. Maybe we'll just have a great spot to go horse camping! I've always wanted to do that.
Doug is fully on board with this whole scheme because now he can realize his life's dream of owning a tractor. A tractor with a back hoe and loader and three point hitch - does it get any better? He'll probably never come home. He's already planning where to park the motor home for his 'work camp' :)
On riding matters, I had a great session with Rogo the other day - lunging and then for a short hack to the beach. His third hack ever and first of the season. He was a lamb.


Rising Rainbow said…
I'm still just in awe! 135 acres seems like heaven to me. Can't wait to see how the planning progresses. Had to chuckle just a bit about the tractor. Some guys are simple in their dreams. Does he have a particular brand he's yearning to own?
Annette said…
What is it about men and tractors??!! Brett loves his. I mean LOVES it. He rides around on that thing all day.
juliette said…
That parcel looks fabulous!!! You guys are so fortunate. You are right - pefect for horse camping!
Good luck - I don't think you will need luck though. You are so well thought out and practical - I like how you systematically approach all of this. I wish I could be so organized.
I wish Brian wanted a tractor! He will ride with me, but his dad forced him to do too many barn chores when he was little so he is not to keen on farm living.
Have fun!
Carol said…
Thanks everyone. Land is probably cheaper here in NS than in the places you come from, and also we were able to get a really good deal. We were expecting to pay more $ for less land, so this large acreage is a real bonus.
Shannon said…
The only reason my husband supports my horse habit is because it means he gets to have his very own tractor to play with. Congratulations on your land, and tell Doug to enjoy his new toy!
Kitanna said…
Hey! I can't wait to come up and see you so you can explain this whole land thing in more detail :) <3 always!
Wow Carol - that is so awesome! Congratulations to you and Doug :) I know anything you two put your minds to will be a success!

Just a note about tractor lust... it is a female affliction as well. I decided a while back that if I should find the man of my dreams - when we get hitched I'm registering at John Deere / Kubota. ;)
Carol said…
CFS - Ha ha - good one! Doug always says I'm going to leave him for a man with a tractor! Trucks are my thing - a 3/4 ton deisel makes my heart sing.
Rising Rainbow - Doug doesn't seem to have a favourite but I think it will be Kubota, John Deere, or New Holland :)
50+Horses said…
How exciting to have so much space! I am right with you all re: tractors. My husband also loves his tractor and I love how much it helps out on horse property. :)
Jan said…
Carol, That is so exciting to have such a nice piece of land! It will be great to read about your developments in the months to come. And I understand about Doug's love of tractors- they do love them, don't they!!
Jeni said…
Hahahah Doug's "desire" reminds me of the country song "She thinks my tractors sexy".

Congrats on the land and I can't wait to hear how you develope it.
achieve1dream said…
Awesome! I'm glad you know what you need to research. I would be totally lost. :)

Good boy Rogo on the hack!