We'll Be Riding Soon

Remember how much snow there was when we brought the horses home a few days ago? It was over their knees and they had one track up and down the arena. Now it's almost bare! Not long now...

Thanks for all the feedback on ground work outside an enclosed area. It being the first time I've trained a horse I didn't realize that I had to establish everything we did inside a fence again when we got outside a fence (duh). Also, growing, strong young horses need refreshers! I've got some really good ideas and exercises to work on with him, so we'll get right to it.

ps - not sure what that black dot in the sky is - might have been dirt on the window :)

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Hurricanes12 said…
that's so exciting! but kinda scary as it means it's our turn to have the rubbish weather for a while down under ^^

can't wait to read about your new exercises with rogo!
Achieve1dream said…
It's a UFO! Just kidding. :) I'm glad you got some good advice. I'll be reading and learning since Chrome is my first to train from the ground up. :)