Checking In Re The Wish List

I just went back to check in on the wish list, and guess what? I'm actually working on the business plan for an indoor. I know I already told you this, but it seems incredible to me. At the time I wrote it, it was a pie in the sky pipe dream; now it is an (admittedly nebulous) forming plan - Doug's on board, we're developing a partnership and meetings are taking place. Yeah wine induced list!
I'm going to use Twitter to chronicle the journey re the horse business and just installed a gadget to display recent updates if you're interested in following along. 
Another plus from the wish list? It looks like we'll be back in training with Joan as soon as the ring is ridable. She'll take me back and fill in some holes in the basics (forward, connection, equitation,...). She's got the magic touch! 
Kacy - I just noticed you commented on the wish list and I wanted to say that it was reading your blog that made me add horse camping to the list. I'll be looking for more inspiration this summer :) I wish we had horse camping facilities here like there are in the US. Another business opportunity??? :)
It's a sunny day, perfect for working on the leading exercises many of you were kind enough to suggest, and for looking at potential properties. One more cup of coffee and the fun begins.


Anonymous said…
How exciting! So happy for you and look forward to following your journey:)
Lexa said…
Yay! I'm so excited for you! I hope out everything works out wonderfully with your indoor!
in2paints said…
I saw something on your wish list that I'd love to do as well... horse photography classes in Kentucky!! (Ok, so I'd love to do a lot of the other stuff on your list, but that one really stuck out.)

It's very exciting that your dreams of having an indoor are starting to develop and take shape! Congratulations!
Amy said…
This is just fantastic! I am excited to see it all pan out.
Rising Rainbow said…
I hope this all works out for you. It's so exciting to have new plans brewing.