Wednesday Ride and Dan Update

Doug and I had great rides on Savanah and Rogo on Wed., although they were both a little pokey. Here's a short video of Doug and Savanah. They did the most beautiful, square engaged halt at the end that was the highlight, but unfortunately I cut it off just before that. Editing videos is my nemesis. Doug is wearing a mask because although we water the arena, it's kind of dusty.

Although Doug videoed Rogo and I too, I wasn't able to get any edited into a postable form. My editing program announced that although it was on the same video as Doug's, when I tried to go back to the original to get more it said it wasn't in a recognizable format :( . I'll give you the highlights - Rogo was pokey too, but he's bending nicely and taking more contact. I MUST keep my legs long, still, heels down and use the inside of my calves, not the back of my leg. Kacy at All Horse Stuff very kindly sent me an exercise to try and I did try it and it did help. I'm going to post about it when I get a little better at it, but in a nutshell it involved going back and forth from two point to posting or two point to sitting and it unlocks the ankle - yeah!
I don't think either horse is going to be too forward until we get them outside again, but we'll keep doing free jumping, poles, etc. to mix it up and give them a little more fun.
Jennifer jumped Dan the other day. He went over a couple of cross rails once, about three years ago, and that was the extent of his jumping, so he did very well. Here is a video of them getting started. They progressed to a little cross rail and vertical from this. I'm so happy that Dan is being ridden and having fun. Jennifer is doing GREAT with him.


What good advice from Kacy!! I also need to unlock the ankles - so will join you in doing more two point. Thanks for the reminder - it's something my trainer had me doing the last time I got to work with her. Anything to help use the leg effectively, but not my favorite exercise :)

I guess we both fail at editing. I simply don't have the patience for it. ;)
Anonymous said…
What a good horse Savannah appears to be:) Doug looks great in the video.
I;m glad Kacy got you that exercise. Two point helps sooo much. I think that dressage riders often think it is for hunt seat or people that jump but my trainer makes us all do it and I remember reading somewhere that the european trainers make their riders stay in two point for the first five minutes so when I think of it I try to do it.
It will all come in time.
juliette said…
How about that Kacy! She is something else again and now, the key to ankle unlocking! Wonderful!

I am so glad Rogo and Savanah are so good for you guys. And, Dan and his new friend. Perfect.
TBDancer said…
I tried your link to Kacy's site but got the http address in a new email screen. Weird. (However, her blog address is in there, so I typed it into the "go" window and voila!)

Anyway, going from two point to posting is also good for the HORSE because you're making him pay attention--your weight changes and your position on his back changes--and HE has to be alert, attention focused on you. Routine variation and all that.
SprinklerBandit said…
So nice to have any indoor to ride in during the winter. Glad you're continuing to make progress.
wilsonc said…
My trainer has me two point to improve my postion too. I'm always trying to use the back of my leg for cues. When she tells me to use the calf I laugh and tell her my legs are so skinny I have no calf muscle. It's all in the back of the leg. I know what she means though, and I am working on it.
allhorsestuff said…
That is one large horsey!He did well. The reason I mentioned the two point exercise at all is I noticed your toes going down(in video) and it caused you to be off balance, not having your leg where it needed to be. Which then can lead to stiffness in the upper body as you arms are doing jobs they are not supposed to!
Two Point will always show you where your leg and balance needs to you won't be able to stand up in your stirrups, without your leg being there! It is a GREAT recalebrating move to rebalance oneself.
My sister has me do it along the whole long wall and sit the short ends...trot and canter.

I shake the venue up by sitting two and rising one or even changing the posting diagonal on the ten meter circle to the inside...helps the horse recalebrate himself too.

Tip- sometimes up one notch- in the stirrup department-is the key. If your feet can't at least rest flat in the stirrups, at walk(and be under you too) you're in for a tough go at'll always be behind the movement. (I found out that the hard way trying for longer legs).

And sometimes the saddle may be sloping back...try the chapstick test in the seat...where does the chapstick roll to and rest as the center of gravity? A small bumper in back could make tons of differance if the "center of gravity" on a saddle, sets you up for failure.
We need all the help we can have to be a flowing partner with our horses in drassage,and if the equitpment is working against us...too hard!

Thanks Carol, for the nice mention..made me very nervious when you asked..but I take myself too seriously and need to chill.
Ride On~Ride well!
Carol said…
Thanks for all the great comments and encouragement. And thanks for the added clarifications and instructions Kacy! I'm going to post these,and the original instructions. There is quite a bit of interest. I had thought I might wait until I had video, but dear knows when that will happen... :)