Want To Know About Real Life Sarcoid Experiences?

If so, read the comments to my last two posts. I am amazed and blown away by the number of people who took time to reassure me that Rogo will be fine, and to share their knowledge. I have a range of different examples and treatments to compare to, and many success stories, with different approaches depending on the individual horse and need. Wow - if I was ever glad I started a blog, now is the time (I'm always glad, but this is the best). I had no idea that I'd ever use my blog for this, but I sure see the benefit. There's a community, in the real sense of the word. I read all the blogs of the people who commented and know that they are responsible horse people with many, many years of combined experience. They rally around when needed and are generous with time and knowledge. This is what community is.
I'm new to blogging (less than a year) and feel I haven't really 'paid my dues', but our little horse family has been welcomed into the fold. Does that sound hokey? Too bad :)
THANK YOU everyone for your advice and information. You've made a huge difference.
I don't want to belabor the point, but without my blog I would have been on the internet researching, and in some cases read scary and now I'm realizing very misleading information, and in a vacuum as far as people to talk to who had experienced this. Thank you for saving me from that!
I'm going to the barn later today, so it will be back to training posts and full speed ahead.


Barbara said…
I started my first blog (non-horsey) several years ago mainly as just a way to journal and play around with it. I never expected anyone else to read it. I was amazed just a short time later to find myself part of a real community where people were sharing and consoling and laughing with (and at) each other. It IS community and I am constantly amazed by it and very grateful.
TBDancer said…
As a non-blogger who follows many different blogs--mainly focusing on dressage, but others "just for fun"--I too am amazed at the welcoming community of horsepeople sharing their stories. I've always known keeping a journal was cathartic--a way to work out problems by putting the problems on paper or the computer screen and, therefore, outside of self. You become the objective "editor" if you will. But being able to read, commiserate, and offer my two cents' worth to the blogs I follow is just as important to me as is what I write that may (or may not ;o) help the blogger.
Our community is wonderful! So glad you feel more at ease with the sarcoid situation. :)
I read your other post and see you got great information. Take a deep breath and relax, I'm sure everything will be fine.

You're so right about the horse community on the internet. It brings so many of us together and it's a wonderful place to get help from others in the know about things we don't have much experience with. I'm glad I started my blog a while ago, I never thought there would be so many like-minded horsey people out there connecting with each other through the posts.
Anonymous said…
The horse community is a great resource for all of us - people are very willing to help when they can.
juliette said…
I love our little horse community because I can talk "horse" for hours and no one seems bored! In my real life, I see people yawning.

I am so glad that the comments lifted your fears and worry about sweet Rogo.
When I first started out in my horse ownership experience, I only had one neighbor who was a resource. Once I started blogging, I realized that her word was not the word of God, but there were so many other people out there with different knowledge, experiences, and beliefs, some of which made more sense to me than what I had already been taught. Even today, after blogging for three years or so, I'm still learning new training techniques from other horse owners who blog.
Achieve1dream said…
I'm so happy people gave you good advice and reassurances. That's one reason I absolutely love to blog. I've gotten so much advice on problems and with the help of my wonderful blog friends we've made it through all of them. :) I have a tendencies to overreact to health related problems (reading stuff that scares me) and my blog buddies always calm me down and get my rational brain back to working. I'm so happy they had good news for you and success stories. Welcome to the family. *hugs*
Heather said…
I treated my horse for a sarcoid last year and he healed beautifully with minimal scarring and no 'relapse' within the last year! Here is my blog post about it: http://sabumi.blogspot.com/2010/10/sarcoid-treatment.html
Jan said…
I'm glad you got so much helpful information here! I agree with you that the horse blogging community is very nice- I've been pleasantly surprised to see that and have enjoyed reading others' experiences and sharing my own. So I'm glad it helped you so much with the sarcoid (which I am watching for on my horse now as well!). I also have to watch out for not scaring myself to death with my own Internet research, or reading my horse vet book- I start being paranoid about everything with Buckshot. Just so you know you are not alone if that happens to you also!! :)
Anonymous said…
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