Top Ten Things I'd Like To Do In 2011, and a Bonus Item

We're experiencing the blizzard that's been hitting the east coast, so needless to say I didn't get to the barn. I think I'll use the time to write Some Things I'd Like To Do In 2011, just for the fun of it if nothing else. As I write this I'm thinking it isn't goal setting, it's more of a wish list to write for fun. Hmmm, a glass of red could help the creative juices,.... I'll be right back.
There, that's better. Nothing a little Wolf Blass won't fix. Here's what I think I'd like to do in an (almost) perfect world:
  1. Learn how to horse camp (I'm a good back country camper with a canoe), and teach our horses the necessary skills. Go horse camping. Does anyone reading this horse camp? Got any recommendations within a day's drive of Nova Scotia for horse camping facilities? I might start with getting permission to camp in the woods close to home.
  2. Acquire a stylish dressage schooling wardrobe for Rogo and I. We have good show clothes and tack, but as I've said, Doug's worn out Harley t-shirts as riding attire have to go. This of course opens up the possibility of matching saddle pads, interchangeable brow bands ... I know, I know, I'm too old. I at least promise not to buy pink anything.
  3. Develop a business plan that would give me financially sustainable access to an indoor full size dressage arena for winter 2012/13 (remember, it's a wish list). Find close to it for 2011/12.
  4. Get into full time training with Joan again
  5. Ace Training level and make good inroads to Level One. Hey, it's a wish list not a realistic list so hell, through focus, study and training to be schooling much of Level Two
  6. The wine is kicking in - morphing from wish list to dreams - cooking classes in Italy
  7. Dressage lessons in Europe, while there attending an amazing dressage show (ideas for shows?)
  8. Horse photography workshop in Kentucky
  9. Christmas somewhere warm
  10. My sweet boy stays happy and healthy. Make that boys.
For something completely different, here's a picture of my Mother riding their farm horse (a Percheron) when she was 16. It's around 1940.

She picked berries one summer and traded for the saddle. Mom lives with us in the winter and goes to her house about 1.5 miles away in the spring. Come March 21, she'll be packing up and moving home. She still drives, so I can't stop her. It's very inconsiderate of her, as who does she think is going to do our dishes when that happens??? Maybe I can convince her to stay longer this year... She takes good care of us :) 
Mom stays up on everything (politics, news), is a much nicer person than me, and she amazes me with her ability to pick up technology. She reads my blog, is on Facebook, emails, etc. She's 87 and she's my hero. My eleventh wish for 2011 is her continued health.


Dom said…
Love that photo!
Oh Carol - that is a great photo :) Enjoyed reading your wine and wishes list!
Oak Creek Ranch said…
I love your wish list! Mine wouldn't be all that much different. I'll have to pour myself a glass of wine and think on this.... I think level 1 is very attainable for you and Rogo. I'm right behind you...
Rachel said…
1. Can I go horsey camping with you? :)
2. I am shameless about buying my mare "outfits" i.e. matching saddle pads, bridles, head stalls, leg wraps etc.
3. Your Mom looks cute as a button on that big ol' horse!
Anonymous said…
Hope you and the horses are staying safe in that weather! Great list, I definitely like the horse camping, it's so much fun, you guys will have a great time no matter where you go.
You're never too old for pink;) What a wonderful picture of your mom. I bet she loves to see her daughter carrying in her footsteps.
Abbie said…
That's a wonderful wishlist and I love the vintage photo of your mother riding.

Good luck and I hope you achieve all of those by next year!

juliette said…
Carol - your mom is just adorable on her horse. She is something else again keeping up with the internet and doing dishes! Sigh. You get Rogo and your mom - you are blessed.

I love your list and wine while listing/dreaming is a very smart practice.

I long to ride all day in the woods and "camp" with my horses, but of all the things that I am tough about - I am not strong enough to camp. I like cool, crisp sheets (on a bed) and hot showers! Isn't that awful! lol! I think Kacy of the blog allhorsestuff camps with her mare Wa. You should check her out for camping ideas - she is way over in Oregon, though.

Keep warm in your blizzard. Enjoy your wine and your fire and time with your mom!
spartagus said…
I think Rogo would look splendid in pink! There is no such thing as too old - it just means that now you can afford to have 7 saddle pads and a polo for you to match each one! I really don't know why they don't sell them in horsie/human sets.

- Maria
Barbara said…
That's a great wish list. I indulge myself in pretty saddle pads for schooling. I hope they distract from my dirty jeans or worn out breeches and ugly t-shirts. I would love to dress like the Arista ads, of course I would need to buy the body too.
I tried to teach my mother computer skills years ago, but she just couldn't control the mouse. So, we keep in touch through snail mail.
SprinklerBandit said…
My horse probably has more nice outfits than I do. You should probably go all out and get the coordinating polos, pad, browband, and shirt for you. Some of the riding shirts out there are super nice--I'm a fan of Kerrits and Fits. Good luck! It's fun.
Anonymous said…
Hello, there is an award that you've already received at my blog. :) Consider it an additional vote of confidence.
Brittany said…
My dream is to horse camp...and cooking classes in Italy...good luck!!
TBDancer said…
I would LOVE to go to the horse photography camp in KY with my low-end Canon and a BIG binder so I could take copious notes.

I'm like SprinklerBandit: My horse has TONS more clothes than I do--newer togs, and each blanket/sheet chosen to enhance his chestnut self without drawing attention away from his major Chrome Alert.

And I have a picture of my mother on a horse, too, jumping on a big gelding named Joan King. Mother was about 20 and was wearing a beret ;o)
Jan said…
Carol,Love the photo of your mom! She sounds like a wonderful person! That's a good wish list, especially cooking classes in Italy! So funny. Stay warm, spring will come.. eventually.
Achieve1dream said…
Your mom sounds great! I wish I had a better relationship with my mom. I love that picture of her riding the Percheron. Huge horse!

Great list of wishes/dreams/goals etc. I think horse camping would be fun but I don't know anything about it either. Good luck!
Anonymous said…
If you want to check out a premier dressage event without crossing the Atlantic, you could take a road trip down the east coast.

Dressage at Devon is North America's biggest dressage event, and you only need to travel as far as Pennsylvania to check it out:

I have always wanted to go. On top of flat classes, they attract all kinds of new and interesting breeds to their dressage-prospect in-hand classes. Georgian Grandes are getting popular; they are beautiful horses.
Carol said…
Thanks for all the great comments and feedback. I'll look into the ideas you've given me. Thanks!
allhorsestuff said…
I am sooo late to chime in...and I need to catch up on so much too. The winter fogs my energies and the sun has jsut started to appear again here in Oregon. I will be back on top with more of it.

I LOVE your Wine induced list!!!
All are worthy and great!

1) Horse camping is sooo fun! I think I love it more than normal 'cause =
it means I get to greet my mare anytime I wish...if I want to see her at midnight-I put on some clothes, and go see her. I get to be the one that gets the friendly nicking-niegh of "Yea, my human girl is coming to feed me!"

I don't live with her, I have to board. So Horse camping is delightful being with my mare 24-7. And If I may induce my hubby to go too...PERFECTLY dreamy!
I've only ever hauled into a prepared site with corral and easy access to the truck and trailer with hay,vetting and anything I may need.
THIS SUMMER- I plan on riding into a camp spot. It will take some planning...bringing hay food and people food(water is the lake for the horses) clothes.
Learning to HIGH TIE is the key.

Yea, love the wardrobe for horse and rider. Sounds good.
My latest research -for my mare- has lead to a local TREELESS saddle called "ANSUR"-It is an essential instead of a fluffy fun accesory though! Increadable story to why the owner of the Co. made the saddle on the web site.
Any other fluffy fun tack- will have to wait for us now...have to save, save, save!

All your list is neat..the Photography YEA!
I also love your mother..she sounds like a hoot and wonderful!
Lori Skoog said…
Sounds like you are getting serious with your arena! Figuring out how to pay for it is the challenge, and it seems that you two are up for it!
Ian Luscombe said…
Horse camping is our plan for my Buddy and I this summer on the North Mountain above Canning.
I'm working on the horses at the moment to get them to where there's a good chance they'll be there in the morning after being tied for the night, hobble training etc. The first night we camp will be on the farm close to home and after that somewhere on the trails up here on the mountain.
Carol said…
Thanks for all the comments. Just saw this last comment - horse camping in NS - Yeah! Hope it goes well. Check in and tell us about it.