My Strange But True Shoulder In Lessons


Lori Skoog said…
It will me.
Shoulder-in doesn't give me too much trouble, but haunches in --- hahahaha. I get all discomboobalated. I had to do is a lot at walk to get it right -- maybe I should try centerline. And of course its all me, Lucy does them just fine. I just can't seem to get coordinatied. We'll get there, you and I. Its a journey, right? Your Joan sounds wonderful.
Anonymous said…
Centerline can be very good - it takes away the wall as a crutch, and also as a distraction - leaving just you and the horse!

And if something isn't working at the walk, it won't work at the higher gaits.

Your teacher sounds very good - perceptive and intuitive and able to design the exercises to help you learn.
Carol said…
Thanks for the feedback everyone! Greatly appreciated. It gives me hope. Annette I find haunches in easier, although it needs work too. I guess we all have our difficulties.
Whenever I am learning something new I always start at the walk and continue until I get it right. Joan sounds awesome.
Val said…
I completely agree about learning it at the walk first. However, I do also understand how impulsion can make it easier. I have a feeling that once you have nailed it at the walk, it will be a piece of cake at the trot.

I have a trick for you. Imagine that the wall is next to you on the centerline. Or if that doesn't work, imagine that there is a cliff. Don't loose those hindquarters!

Shoulder-in is one of my favorite exercises.
Carol said…
Okay, walk it is :). Val the imaginary wall / cliff idea is great. I'm going to try it today.