If This Keeps Up I'll Be Doing Walk Trot Again

It's been raining for a week. Also, I've been really sick for a week with a temperature and horribly congested chest / head. So.... no riding. It seems every time I think we're getting somewhere there's another set back. It will probably be okay if I start feeling better soon, and it dries up, but we're really losing valuable training time when we need to be polishing training level and schooling level one.
Hmmm, that's kind of whiny isn't it? Enough of that.
I just got these videos - Dr. Reiner Klimke's series on working with 4 to 6 year olds.

I watched the first one tonight, on trot work. The main messages were to keep hands sensitive to the horse's mouth and do lots of half halts and walk trot transitions, to build up to working on the medium trot. Also, by pushing the horse forward in rising trot, and then coming back for the sitting trot, the horse develops responsiveness to the aids and ultimately responds better to the ask for the medium trot. I need to watch it several more times.
The next one is about canter work and the final one is the introduction to the double bridle. I'll keep you posted.


Rising Rainbow said…
Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. This year seems to be one of those one's where everything and everyone is running late. Same things is happening here. My show is next week and my horse isn't shed out and surely not fit but we're entered and we're going to give it the best we've got.

I'm just getting my rehab horse going good at the trot. It will be a milestone when we are ready to work on the trot at different rates.
Hurricanes12 said…
hope you feel better soon! those videos look good, and the trot one sounds great! good luck for starting level one this season, you and rogo will be superstars :)
Jeni said…
Sorry your not feeling well. I hope your cold goes away soon and the rain stops.

We're drowning again here too. Flood gates went up again last night and we are supposed to have major rain for the next 5 days. Where IS spring?
smazourek said…
Ugh, feel better soon.

Weather has been awful here too. At least we haven't had any tornadoes... yet.
TeresaA said…
be careful Carol- the feeling to push can lead to the wrong kind of training. I've learned that the hard way and still have to remind myself. If you cannot ride, try lunging to keep him in shape so when you are back on him there's not so much lost.

And when you are done with the videos- can I borrow them?? :)
achieve1dream said…
Yuck sorry you're sick and it's been raining (it has here too). I don't blame you at all for whining. I would be too. :) Feel better soon!
Carol said…
Thanks everyone. It's dried up enough that I'm going to try Teresa's advice of lunging him. Yes Teresa - you can borrow the dvd's :)
Sorry you weren't feeling well Carol - hope you're on the upswing now!

Regarding training... I agree with Teresa about not pushing. Agendas can inhibit spontaneity... that's been my experience anyway. Plus groundwork always translates to under saddle. You guys will catch right back up :)
Jan said…
Carol, Hope you are feeling better soon! I know you'll catch up when you get back to training- you are doing such a great job with Rogo!