Rogo's Second Show

Rogo is being checked by the stewart in this picture. Turns out he wasn't keen on having his bit checked the second time. I had to get off. This was just about the worst thing he did, so I guess that isn't too bad.
He laid down in his stall for a sleep between his classes, that were only 2 hours apart. I loved getting both my tests over with in the morning.
I thought I was going to get quite a low mark for my firt test because I rode it so conservatively (slowly), so was pleased with a 62.3. For our next test I felt him really come together for mein the warm up - forward, round, responsive, bending. I thought we did a good test and would increase our mark, but we dropped to 61. You just can't tell. We got a first and a second.
The judge gives very helpful comments.
Hope tomorrow goes equally well. Can we squeak out a tiny increase?

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Kitanna said…
I don't know what the marks mean, but good job!
Story said…
Sounds like he is handling his second show really well. Good luck tomorrow, I'm sure you'll do great!
Carol said…
Hey Kitanna, high 60's are quite good (anything higher is super!), mid 60's are good and you're ready for the next level when you get them consistently, and low sixties are respectable, especially for a green horse starting out. Too much lower than that on a consistent basis and you should probably prepare more before going to the show, but anyone can have an off ride here and there.
Thanks Story! He did handle it very well as far as being a good boy, and our tests are coming along.
Jeni said…
Hi Carol Great Job!!!!