Lesson WIth Cheryl

We had a pretty good lesson today. We worked at walk trot canter transitions, with canter thrown in randomly. He held his canter, but was very flat and fast. We need to work on that. We reviewed our goals for July (late) and we met most of them - yeah!
We also worked on his connection and position, and it is slowly improving. By the end of the lesson, he was doing a nice trot in a more round frame. I'm very happy with him. He's learning to try instead of push back. He's also very bonded to me and me to him. Taking him to shows made me firmer with him about manners, etc., for safety's sake, but if anything he's sweeter than ever. I can't get enough of him. I could stay and visit with him for hours if I had time.
We are starting leg yield and he doesn't really get it yet, although he'll get a few steps if you stick with it.
I find that I forget my outside rein contact, which I worked so hard to achieve, when I start focusing on new things. I have to remember to keep all the pieces together. Also, I have to keep him straight or flexed to the inside when on straight lines. He doesn't listen to my legs as well when straight as he does in a corner.
Doug wanted me to do some canter work with Savanah after his lesson, and I rode Dan bare back after cleaning the stall (we worked on 20 m walk trot circles, forwardness and roundness), so I rode all three horses today. I'm tired!


juliette said…
Sounds like you might be sore tomorrow! Good for you riding three horses! I love that you and your horse are getting closer because of the shows. That is so great!
TBDancer said…
My issues are like yours--I forget the old stuff when adding new. "Never forget the outside rein!" is my new mantra--and then the horse takes another step and I have positional issues as well. SO exciting, this journey of dressage. ;o) How are your transitions up and down? I have problems with the horse changing head position, raising up to go up to the next gait, and then falling forward when going down. Of course, "guess who's fault THAT is" ??

Enjoying your blog!
Sounds like you did a lot of good work today. Riding three horses is a good way to learn how differently each one goes and in my opinion the more horses you ride the better rider you will become. Figuring out what makes each one tick is challenging and satisfying at the same time. Good for you.
Carol said…
Thanks for the feedback everyone. I really enjoy it and it helps the riding!
TBDancer - my transitions up and down are much like yours :)It's getting better slowly. Sometimes we get an 'okay' transition up and transitioning down is not too bad. I practice down transitions on the longe a bit, insisting he stays forward as he comes down, so I think that helps. We have a long way to go though!
Jenn said…
I tend to forget the outside rein too...find it slack and mentally smack myself upside the head as a reminder. Gabe goes so much better when I remember that outside rein!