Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Back to Rogo

I was able to ride Rogo yesterday, after returning from Blainville Mon. night. Megan lunged and rode him while I was away. She said in a text that he was spunky - hmmm, what does that mean? Ha ha. Forward is good
Yesterday it was hot and there were tons of flies, but he was very patient. Doug was having a lesson with Joan, so I 'honed in' as Doug put it :) Too bad, I'm not giving up riding with Joan! She has to take us to FEI levels!!
We worked on circles. Rogo is making progress. For me, I must stop digging in my heels and use the calf of my leg for my aids. This has been a bad habit for me for a long time. Also I need to keep my hands closer together.
That's it. We kept it short because of the heat. Circles went quite well and Rogo was forward without being over the top.

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