6 Weeks

I'm hosting and riding in an Arthur Kottas clinic in six weeks, after Rogo being lame for most of the winter. We are so out of shape, me more so than him. I've hired a riding teacher, Megan Bishop, to work with us on fitness (while riding) two to three times a week for six weeks. Also Joan will start our dressage lessons twice a week if it ever gets warm enough for her to teach.
As you can imagine we're both very rusty in our dressage, as well as being out of shape. Can you tell I'm not feeling very confident? I need to work on mental as well as physical strength.
I've had one lesson with Megan so far (yesterday) and my main take aways are :
- Think about holding my abs / core firmly. This almost instantly made me straighter in the saddle and better balanced. I need to keep reminding myself.
- Count the rhythm constantly. Use the counting to keep the rhythm the same and also to stay focused. - Let Rogo canter at his own speed when he starts (for now). Then when I ask for more be gives it. This was quite a dramatic improvement (his canter had lost its joy).
We're working on transitions which I'm very happy about as it's probably our weakest area.
I'll see if I can up load a trot video. Stiff sboulders are another thing needing improvement!


Lori Skoog said…
You are going to be very busy, but it will pay off. So glad Rogo is sound.
Good to hear Rogo is better.

Arthur Kottas is wonderful. I bet you'll all have a great time and clinic experience. Good luck with your very busy schedule.
juliette said…
Deadlines are deadly. You made that magical phone call to Arthur Kottas so think about that experience while you ride and let this six weeks be magical - not pressured. Enjoy the journey by not being hard on yourself or Rogo. You are now and will be exactly where you should be no matter how much you worry or rush. Don't judge yourself or him by where you "should be" or where you "would have been" before the lameness.
Smile, laugh, and do the best you can each ride without thinking about that day. These six weeks are six fun weeks with your horsey boy! Savor them and all the days after too. If you do that, golden beams will radiate off you and Rogo as you ride and Arthur Kottas will notice!
This "important day" in Rogo's world is just another day he gets to enjoy with his girl Carol.
Carol said…
Thanks everyone. Juliette you said exactly what I needed to hear!
juliette said…
Oh, great Carol!!! You just said what I needed to hear too! I'll explain some time -