Rogo Pictures

Sorry about my failed attempt at  posting a  picture from a photo app. I am trying to learn to blog from my phone and tablet (quick and easy access to pictures and video)  and just figuring or what works. Any recommendations on good app's for blogging would be most welcome. 


juliette said…
These are just amazing photos!!! Rogo and Doug and friend - too adorable.

Sorry I don't have any suggestions for blogging phone apps other than I think I will one day only do Instagram. Now that you are on and Kacy I feel like blogging friends are making the move over. It is so much easier in my opinion!

juliette said…
also...I'm guessing that is Doug! Just kind of assumed so and that kitty is toooooo adorable especially with Rogo's look to you. Oh, this is priceless!
Carol said…
Thanks. That is Doug :). The kitten practically lives on his shoulder.
I find instagram much easier too, especially when time is limited. I like to write more sometimes though, ie details of a lesson, etc. I really get alot out of the training posts you write, so I hope you don't patch over 100 % :).
Love all the pictures but the last one is wonderful!

I have no idea if their are apps for blogging. I write on my computer and upload pictures that way. Lots of times I use my tablet to read posts and comment. Hope everyone doesn't go to Instagram or other media. I'd lose everyone since I don't do extras. It's just too much stuff to keep track of.