Pictures, Intro To Mary, Lesson Update

We ran an equine photography short course at our facility the end of October, and I got some great pictures of Rogo to share. His stone bruise was bothering him (before it got equipacked), so there aren't any mounted pictures, but I LOVE these! The photographer here is Naomi Carter. All of the students were very impressive.

I have a horse appearance pet peeve - I do not like skinny necks. Sooo, of course I'm completely in love with Rogo's neck. Isn't it beautiful? Of course with Rubenstein 1 as his grandfather (some may feel his neck was too big), it would be very unlikely to get my dreaded skinny neck :). As Rogo's training has progressed his neck has become more graceful.

I want to introduce you to Mary. She's 15 and helping out at our arena facility and riding Savanah and Dan (our Appaloosa, see side bar). She's also taking lessons with Joan! She and I have lessons together - she on Savanah and me on Rogo. It's very fun and it's great to have a riding partner. We can give one another feedback, plan our rides together and keep one another motivated. Also, it's great to have two people to set up cavelleti instead of just me :).

Dan hasn't been ridden in years, but with Mary riding him he's doing great - really loving the attention and going remarkably well. I'll get pictures of them soon.

Mary and Savanah

Mary has been doing Clinton Anderson natural horsemanship with her Fjords (she and her Mom each have one, full sisters, four and five year old mares). Their manners and behavior are amazing! Mary rode her four year old, bitless (reins on her halter), on a 26 km round trip along the road to Joan's house to ask her to teach her - how could Joan (who hasn't taken students in many, many years) say no! Here is a phone picture of Mary and her Mom Joanne riding in our arena. I can't take my eyes off of these horses - they are so pretty, sweet and unique looking.

 Mary, Joanne, Cookie and Spice

Joan is starting Mary from the beginning with our lessons so she'll know how to start a horse in dressage. With our lessons together, this means lots of much needed reviewing going on with me - transitions within gaits, halts, cavelleti. I should say I've asked Joan to teach me to do low jumps, as I think it would be good for Rogo's body and mind and good for my horsemanship. I need to get a saddle for it, so we'll see where that goes

My light bulb moment this week? Cutting my aids for shoulder in by about 90% to get a better movement and stepping under. More practice with that coming up.

And on a completely different note - stay tuned for my upcoming defence of sweet feed :). 


Lucky you having a like minded riding partner for your lessons!

Rogo has really grown up... so solid looking and very handsome. How lovely to get proper pictures.

Good to hear from you Carol!

juliette said…
The photographs are amazing. That Rogo is just beautiful. I love his graceful, full neck. My Pie is a bit too big on the neck I think, but when he trots at liberty he arches his neck and brings it all together and it doesn't look big in the least.

Oh, I am so jealous of your rider partner and so happy for you two. My sweet Maizie is 15 and I imagine we could ride together but she is allergic to horses! Ugh. I have a sneaking suspicion that she will return to horses later in life and work through the allergies.

I love that cutting your aids by 90% gives you a better movement. So subtle and wonderful!

What a story about Joanne and Mary riding to Joan's house! Bitless! I adore Fjords! And you have the proper weather for them too. Happy Cookie and Spice! What perfect names!

Thank you for such a great post! I am looking forward to your post on sweet feed. We fed our horses sweet feed for years and I miss it. I used to want to dive into our feed box (it is HUGE) because it smelled like heaven to me. Now, it has a meager amount of stupid ol' pellets that I sprinkle to the boys for vitamins. Yuck. I don't like it at all! Can't wait - tell us more!
Gorgeous pictures of Rogo. He's so handsome. I like a nice neck too.

Glad you have been having fun with a riding partner. It's always nice to have company when you ride.

Love the Fjords. They are a great breed and so adorable.

You must be enjoying your new place so much. I'm happy for you.
Rogo looks amazing!! You should be very proud of the work you've done with him!!
Carol said…
Thanks for all the feedback everyone! It's so good to hear from you. Also just wanted to say that Mary rode to Joan's house by herself - I think it was quite a demonstration of committment. She's got a real feel and natural talent with horses.
Achieve1dream said…
I LOVE those pictures! Rogo is so gorgeous! I would love to go to an equine photography clinic, but there aren't any in my area.

Also great to have a new riding buddy. Fun!

I love Fjords!! If I weren't almost six feet tall I would totally have one. :D
juliette said…
oops! Sorry, Carol - about mis-reading the part about Mary's trek to Joan's. Amazing!
Jen said…
I'm a sucker for a nice neck and shoulder, and Rogo has both! Lovely photos!
Lori Skoog said…
LOVE these photographs! Rogo is one hunk!
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