I Swear To God This Really Happened As I Was Writing My Last Post

I have to share this with you, because I'm sure it was a once in a lifetime experience. It still feels surreal, like one of those things that couldn't really and didn't really happen - yet it did. Was it the magic of Christmas? Something very special was in the air.
As background, Doug and I are continuing with building our horse facility where we'll host equine events, and rent the facility to others wanting to host events.
I was working on my event plan for next spring / summer / fall. We'll start with clinics in the spring and be up to hosting shows later in the summer, when both stall areas are complete (there will be 20 stalls on each side of the arena).
On a whim, I thought "dream big" and I emailed my ultimate classical dressage hero, the world renowned Arthur Kottas, retired First Head Rider of the Spanish Riding School (home of the Lipizzan stallions). He rode there for 40+ years and along with his amazing riding instruction he's also very highly regarded for his in hand work.
This is what happened - as I was sitting here writing my last blog post a couple of hours after emailing him, my phone rang. Yes, you read that correctly - my phone rang. IT WAS ARTHUR KOTTAS CALLING FROM AUSTRIA!!! As I heard the accented voice identifying who it was, my brain wouldn't process it for a moment. When my brain did process it all I could do was stutter. I was fighting hysterical giggling and babbling, but he couldn't have been nicer or more charming. He was on his way to another country (which now escapes me) later in the day, and was calling to offer me his last available weekend of 2013. I couldn't gather my wits to ask the right questions, but he gave me the dates, told me to take my time looking into whether it would work and he'd hold it for me until he heard back, told me the hours he works and number of students he takes, etc. - all the things I'd need to know for planning but couldn't possibly have gotten my head around asking if he hadn't told me.
So there's my story - what happened to me as I wrote my last post. 
Unfortunately the dates are in June - perfect clinic timing, but they conflict with other dressage events here in Nova Scotia. I'm thinking I may have to see if we can get him for 2014 instead, but I haven't completely given up on the idea yet either. I'll need to get back to him asap (he didn't rush me, but it seems rude to wait). Also, Doug is sooo sick with a cold that he can't really get his head around talking to me about it for a day or two - raging fever and inability to breath don't lend themselves to problem solving and planning. Any advice? 
I couldn't / didn't include this story in my last post, even though I ws in the middle of writing it, because I needed to process what happened. My mind just kind of went blank and I could barely wrap up what I was writing about.
I'm hoping all of you have a great Christmas - lots of love, food, drink, family and especially horse time. Sending you warm thoughts from here in Nova Scotia...


That's fantastic! I hope you can find a way to make it work. Hope Doug feels better soon.

Have a great Christmas and Happy New Year.
That is so cool!! It must have blown your mind to get that call. I hope you can work it out for 2013. Keep us posted! :D

Has Doug tried gargling with warm salt water? (It needs to be very salty)

My Dad just had the respiratory flu that's going around here, and the warm salt h2o shortened the duration and severity, as well as soothed his throat.

Old home remedy from my Grandma - guess the bugs just can't tolerate the salt.
juliette said…
Ahhhhhhhh!!!! (That is me squealing!) What a great story! I just read it aloud to Brian and Maizie giggling the whole time with my vicarious glee! How wonderful! Your entire project is inspirational to me on so many levels. I believe in dreaming big and the magic that follows when you do. Above all else, Carol, you are so thorough and well thougt-out and research oriented and I think that goes perfectly well with a sprinkle of pixie dust and magic and wishes and dreams!
Happy holidays! Enjoy the season and the fun memory of such a brilliant experience.
Also, much sympathy to Doug. I hope he is feeling wonderful soon!
Carrots and apples and hugs to everyone there especially the big and lovable Rogo boy!
juliette said…
oops - forgot the "h" in thought - not too well thought-out here!
in2paints said…
How exciting for you and Doug!! I was just browsing your website and it looks fantastic. This whole thing is so exciting and I'm living vicariously through you!

I hope you and yours have a Merry Christmas, and no doubt 2013 will be a most memorable year!
OMG!!!!!! That's amazing, it's completely mind blowing so happy for you and I hope that you can make it work! Hope Doug is feeling better soon, Merry christmas :D
Oak Creek Ranch said…
I love how you shared that your mind went blank. Mine would have as well. It would be so cool if you could make it work. Wow!
Would it be a show or a clinic that conflicts with it? I would still try and host it in 2013, maybe it could become a yearly thing.
smazourek said…
Wow!!! Now I'm wondering how long it would take me to get to Nova Scotia...
Unknown said…
Way to go Carol!!! This is wonderful!
Jenn said…
I would have to agree with BeBe...it's ARTHUR KOTTAS! I sure hope you can make it happen...maybe contact those who are holding the other events during that open weekend and try to work something out? It's still several months away, schedules can change if the motivation for changing them is good. Good luck!
I'm so excited about your endeavors and looking forward to watching your dreams come true this year.

Best wishes for a happy, healthy and successful New Year to you and your family Carol! (((♥♥♥)))
allhorsestuff said…
THAT***IS THE COOLEST thing ever! And I truly hope that you can make it so for 2013! INVALUABLE and could be a trend...what a "Christening" for 2013 Arena and surrounds!
I am gleeful for you Carol!
no pressure here! teehehe!

I am late, but I hope your man is healthy again...it has been a terrible year for that here too..I almost caught it but herbalised and rested my way out of it. Salt water rince is good too. As well as Organic Apple Cidar Vinigar and honey hot tea.

YOU are AWESOME and it inspires me and amazes me everytime I visit you here! You Go Girl!