Some Issues and Getting Them Fixed

Rogo is back at Fraser Equestrian Centre for the winter. He went back the first of October and I've been travelling back and forth for three lessons a week. I usually stay in my living quarters one night a week to save driving time (it's over 3 hours of driving for a round trip).
Things are going really well, but we haven't been without setbacks. His shoeing got off last spring resulting in him taking a 'hopping' step at the trot every so often and I could only walk with him for weeks. That's when the behind the leg thing got started again. To back track a bit, this has been an issue for us since he was backed. Last winter we completely overcame it, to the point that our main focus was getting him to respond to slowing down. Not that being in front of your leg means going fast, but I think you know what I mean...
Then my foot (morton's neuroma) made riding so painful I was off balance all the time, then my saddle needed adjusting and I didn't realize it and all the skin got rubbed off the inside of my legs around the knee. Very painful. I have a WOW saddle and all it needed was a little air in the back and problem completely solved. I can't believe it got that bad before I clued in. Then shoeing off again and more hopping (not good for any horse and without we don't have the first rung of the pyramid). It was all very challenging.
So there you have it - a series of issues that kept Rogo and I off balance for months :(
Anyway, enough of that - I think everything is fixed, as of a few days ago, so it's onwards and upwards.
While Rogo was home for 2 months we back slid, partly because of lack of lessons and partly because of the issues above, so I tried to keep my expectations reasonable when we went back to lessons. Hmmm, me reasonable. Well, okay, I did go through some frustration. Bad, bad dressage rider.
We went in the Cindy Ishoy clinic in mid Oct. I LOVE her clinics. If you ever have a chance to ride in one, do it! We just did training level basics, but it was what we needed. It was a warm, beautiful weekend. Here is the view to the outdoor ring, out of one side of the living quarters in my trailer:

2012-10-26 15.01.21.jpg

Here's the view out the opposite window, gorgeous leaves:

2012-10-26 15.03.50.jpg
 Since then we've got in better balance and we're working on more level one and two - shoulder in, travere, walk/canter/walk, 10 m canter circles. Forward is our #1 goal through out and we need to develop it again to be able to reach our goals. I say 'our' goals, but I'm sure Rogo's goals would be more about hanging out in the pasture, or being brushed and eating apples. Speaking of goals, I keep thinking more and more about wanting to learn to do small jumps. I think Rogo would really enjoy it.
I've been VERY busy with out facility building. The foundation is completely in now. Here's a picture of when it was in progress:
 Photo: The foundation is finished as of today!
 Doug has built a lean to onto the RV he stays in when he's up there. It will be the winter work camp and we just put a new wood stove in it - it will be great to have hot chocolate and Baileys by the fire after  a cold day working outside. Here I am trying it out :)

2012-11-11 17.05.28.jpg
 The arena was supposed to start going up this week, but I learned on the weekend it may be a couple of more weeks before they start. It will be a tough winter, but worth it. I'm starting to plan our events for next year and we're both looking forward to that.
Something odd has happened though and I think it's related to our building and plans - someone I thought was my friend suddenly started sending very negative emails to me, then cut off communication with me, then started generating negativity about me and our facility plans - all with no explanation. At first I was just confused. Now it makes me sad and wary when I think about it, but I try not to. There are too many good things happening to let it drag me down. Also, as I write this, I'm realizing it frees me in a way - I can just let it go and get on with positive work. We'll have the facility and the ability to build the programming we want.

Okay, enough about the facility - back to Rogo. Cindy Ishoy is coming AGAIN the end of Nov. / first of Dec. Yeah! I'm psyched to work hard to demonstrate improvements when she gets here. We'll focus on forward, getting sharper responses to transitions - hmmm, guess those are related; and for me - the ever threatening to take over, too strong left rein (note to self: let it go already).
I've been missing my blogger community as the  facility buidling is taking up more and more time. Hope you're all having a great fall and getting in lots of riding.


Lori Skoog said…
I can't see most of the photos, but it sounds like you are making great progress with your facility. Don't let sour grapes get you down. Since you and Rogo have it together now I'm sure you will be making great strides again. Three lessons a week! You are a very serious student...I'm impressed. (Hope you can get the photos to show, can't wait to see what's going on).
Oak Creek Ranch said…
I can't see most of the photos either. Remember to enjoy the journey, including setbacks. Between my foot breaking in May and my back injury in October, Winston and I are pretty much just repeating and regaining ground. And "friends"... I think a true test of friendship is the ones who support you in good times. It's easier to be a friend when times are hard. I lost my best friend when I married Brett. She started making very hurtful remarks. People...
Carol said…
Thanks guys!
Annette that is so weird about Brett - I lost one of my best friends when I met Doug - again, very hurtful comments. We eventually reunited and are friends again, but it took years and some soul searching talks.
Yes, you've certainly had a very trying few months too.
Carol said…
Also, I'm not sure what is going on with the pictures. I can see them. I'll try to fix them later by uploading in a different way. Currently they are just 'pasted' in.
Kelly said…
Can't see the pics either - but sounds amazing! So very happy for you Carol :) Hard to not let people comments get you down...going thru a bit of that as I write this. Stay positive and focused on your goals!
Good to hear from you Carol! I had figured you were super busy with your facility. Also can't see all the pictures, but will check back to view.

You and Rogo are hard at work - no surprise there. Lucky you with the clinic options!! Would love to hear more about them when you have a chance. :D

Regarding your "friend"... "good news, bad news - too soon to tell" is what my wisest buddy says.
TBDancer said…
Glad that others can't see the pictures (well, that sounded rude, but you know what I mean). I have problems with this computer from time to time and when things "go south," I'm never sure if it's "just me." Anyway, your new facility is going to be super ;o)

I've heard such good things about Cindy as an instructor. She rarely makes it to 'sunny southern California,' though it's not that warm right about now--but at any rate, I know you are learning tons from her and I'm sure Rogo will come out of his slump or whatever it is you call it and you'll both be better for it.

As for the friend thing--odd how that works. I took lessons from a gal who had always played favorites (and I was not one of them) but I continued to ride with her because I was learning dressage, or so I thought. Turned out not to be so, and she was just evil. Not a fun experience.

Glad you're back to blogging. Look forward to more entries.
Glad things are sorting themselves out with Rogo.

People are idiots, that's all I have to say about that :)
Well, it's good to see you back blogging! I've missed you but figured you were busy! Too bad about the foot,sore kness, and rogos shoeing!! But it sounds like things are looking up now so your basics must be good and solid!! Sounds like you've well beyond the basics..and as for'll both have fun!
Good to hear from you again. It sounds like you and Rogo are back on track. Your foot problem sounds really painful. Hope you can get the photos to come up they seem to be square boxes of color on my screen.

The facility is coming along nicely too. Must be so exciting to build your dream from the ground up. The wood stove seems like a good addition. The hot chocolate and Bailey's will come in handy on those cold days ahead.
Anonymous said…
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