Horse Fly Management?

Thanks for all of the ideas and feedback for an arena rake. I ended up finding ABI Equine through your feedback and ordered a 6.5 foot TR3. I'll let you know how it works!
My next question - how are you guys managing horse and deer flies? They are worse than usual here this year. Poor Rogo is raw in places. He's ben staying inside in the heat, as do the horses at home.
The only thing I could find recommended is Horse Pal . Has anyone used it, or do you have any tricks for managing horse flies? I find insect repellant does nothing, and my research bears this out.
On the dressage front, Rogo is picking up more energy / forwardness again, so that is wonderful. I'm finally figuring out how to keep him even in a nice contact in the canter. I had been going back and forth from inside to outside rein too much as I worked at developing the right feel. It was much easier with Savanah. I'm not sure why - maybe because he's taller and longer - but he's harder to 'keep together'. It feels wonderful when you get there though :) 
Happy July 4th US friends!


In the past I've used something that looks similar to Horse Pal and it did work to trap flies. I don't have it anymore because it broke somehow. We use fly predators around the farm. Sometimes we spray them with Ultrsheild. Glad you found your drag and hope it works for you.

Rogo sounds like he's getting back on track too. That's good.
Jeni said…
We have fly predators too - they do help with all fly types.

I use Swat in key places -it helps. I also spray with Pryanan that I mix myself and I tend to mix it on the strong side.

Rosie and Rogo so often mirror each other in their training levels. Since she is the first horse I've ever trained from the start I never realized canter was a trained gait. We're up to 10 to 12 nice strides before she or I falls apart. We'll get there as will you.
Kelly said…
I have to respond to Jeni's comment - canter is a trained gait? I feel somewhat stupid that I did not know I feel much better!
Carol said…
Thanks for the feedback. It's helpful ot know what works for others. I've read that fly predators don't work on horse and deer flies (this is from the seller) but I'm glad to know they work on barn / house flies. We'll need to manage those too in our new place!
My research indicates that spray on insectacide won't help with horse / deer flies. We use Ultrashield and I find it only protects from them for a few minutes.
I believe Jeni meant that the horse needs to be trained to stay in balance while carrying a rider at canter, not that the gait itself is taught. Rogo is the first horse I've backed and he was much more balanced in going forward in walk and trot at first.
Thanks for the helpful feedback!
The only thing that I know works against horse and deer flies is a fly sheet. Fly sprays, fly predators and feed through larvaecides don't work, because they're different from stable flies.

Glad to hear Roge is improving, though! Horses go through stages, just like children. You just have to patient and wait it out. Luckily, most horses don't take 20 years to mature (unlike children) :D
Ack! That should be "Rogo"! Darn typos!
I have recently started using Liquid Net - a green insect repellent that works, smells great and makes a shiny coat too. They also offer your money back if you're not happy. And it's very affordable.

Nothing I've used is 100% effective, but this comes the closest and isn't poisonous.

Glad you and darling Rogo are back on track! :)
Rising Rainbow said…
I have no recommendations on horse flies but I love fly predators for the species they control.

Longer does make for harder to collect. Glad to hear you are getting Rogo back on track.
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