Guess What I'm Becoming For February?

The world's oldest working student! I haven't written about our horse facility plans for awhile, but things are progressing. To help prepare me for running our facility I'm going to work for Sue Fraser, the woman Rogo and I are taking lessons from this winter. She is very well educated and experienced and this is a great opportunity to work with someone respected around the Province (and well beyond) for her horsemanship. I'll learn first hand how a busy barn operates for a full month's cycle. I'll also have lessons most week days if I can physically last through work and riding.
This is the part that scares me. After one lesson with Sue I'm ready to sleep by the time I get home. I think the first week at least will almost kill me be tough, but Sue knows I'm not twenty :) 
I'll live there through the week and possibly some weekends for the month of February (I have a pretty bedroom looking out at the barn) and immerse myself in this. It should make for some interesting posts if I'm not too tired to type.
Doug's been clearing land and the winter has been so open he has the site for the arena almost cleared and levelled. Here he is in his Christmas Carharts beside a big pine he recently cut up:

On a completely different topic, I went to the barn today to visit Rogo, and..... he was shockingly well. I forgot to take my phone into the stable and it was so icy I didn't go back for it, but I sure wish I had a picture to show you. The incision site looked so good it was almost miraculous compared to how it looked last week. It is completely healed, for the first time since the first surgery was done back in Oct. - no scabs, no weeping blood, no puss. It sort of healed after the first surgery but always looked kind of red and scabby and then another sarcoid grew out of it. Today it was nice pink flesh - one of the best sights I've ever seen in my life. I spontaneously started yelling YEAH! when I saw it and ran into the riding ring to tell everyone who was there, whether they wanted to know or not :) 
My final note is about Spirit, the school horse I've been riding while Rogo's been off. He is a five year old Hanoverian Quarter Horse cross (I think) and he is sweet and very fun to ride. He's better trained than Rogo although a year younger and I can focus more on my equitation when I'm riding him. I'm very remiss in not having a picture of him, but he's chestnut, cute as a button, 16+ hands and I'll post a picture soon. 
We work on trot serpentines, leg yield, 10 M circles, shoulder in and more basics. I'm learning to keep my knees off, but that is putting weight into the ball of my foot and I can't take that with my right foot. I see a trip to the chiropractor in my near future.
I hope to have more news on our horse facility soon. Things are starting to happen on that front.


Yvonne said…
That sounds so much fun. I am insanely jealous of your February! Glad Rogo is on the road to recovery :)
Val said…
Good for you! Never let the dream die. You are a testament to that.

And yay for QH crosses in dressage. :)
Oak Creek Ranch said…
What a great news post!! I hope you have enough energy to share your life as a working student. Brett tried it once to help out our trainer and get a free lesson -- he said it was the hardest physical work he's done. 8 hours of grooming, tacking up, cleaning... he only lasted a day. LOL. Great news about Rogo!! And, exciting on building your new place. I want to see a picture of that school horse. Winston is a Hanovarian/Appy cross coming 5 years old this May. I wonder if they have a similar build.
Congratulations on all fronts!
Lori Skoog said…
Well! You are getting serious about this horse facility. What a good idea, to get some first hand experience. I'll bet you will have some clearer ideas about exactly what you want...layout, etc. Just remember, all that work you are going to be doing during February will be part of your EVERYDAY life once you get things going at home. There are all kinds of things you can do to make things efficient.

I was so happy to read about Rogo! Please keep us posted when you start your new "job."
Carol said…
Thanks for the comments. It's nice to be posting good news :) Annette I'll get a picture posted. I'm thinking the two crosses woud be similar, but Spirit doesn't have Winston's gorgeous coloring of course.
What a happy post - and what a great opportunity for you - from the riding standpoint and the business running standpoint. Love the picture of Doug in his work gear. :)

Please keep us updated if you can!
Jenn said…
Oh Carol this is wonderful! I'm so glad you get to emerse yourself in the barn for a whole month! I think these guys are right that this will help to hone your own ideas. I cannont wait to see the land - you and Doug work so hard! - Jenn
Jan said…
Carol, That is such good news about Rogo!!! I'm glad he is healing wonderfully!! Spirit sounds like a great horse to ride in the meantime.

Also glad to hear about your training time at the barn- it does sound like you'll be able to learn a lot. And I'm glad things are progressing with your facility.
What a great opportunity!

P.S, My husband has the same Carharts lol
Sounds like you're going to be really busy for Feb. but in a good way.

So glad Rogo is doing so much better.
Achieve1dream said…
All around fabulous news!

So happy Rogo is healed. :D When will you start riding him again?

Congrats on the working student position. That's a great opportunity for learning the behind the scenes of running a barn. How fun! I can't wait to read the posts.

I love the picture of Doug by his tree. He looks so proud. :D