How I'm Preparing For Dressage Camp

I'm finally here, sitting in my trailer, ready for my first day of dressage camp tomorrow. After a long busy day we left home around 7:00 pm and arrived here at Fraser Equestrian Center at 8:45 pm. Doug has gone back home and I'm preparing for my first lesson at 9:00 am tomorrow. Here's how:
Inspirational reading - Dressage With Kyra, and inspirational snacking - three kinds of chocolate chip cookies, dark chocolate and burnt almond bar, and my bulk barn custom snack of hot and sweet cajun mix, honey peanuts and coconut honey cashews all mixed together. I think I should be eating healthy, but somehow intense riding, or thinking about intense riding = indulgence. Supper was the custom snack mix and diet ginger ale. Obviously the diet ginger ale means I'm serious about losing weight this week.

Here's what I am serious about - improving my equitation and getting a better connection happening with Rogo. I'm committed to working on that as hard as I can and pretty excited about being here to do it.
Tomorrow and through the week I'll tell you about my very accomplished instructor and also the great auditing opportunity I'm having this week too.
Hope everyone is having a good weekend.


juliette said…
Good luck to you and Rogo! Have fun, learn bunches and most important - love up your sweet, smart, gentle giant. He will give you it all back in return!!!!
You and Rogo have a great clinic. Can't wait to hear all about it!!
Kelly said…
Would love to be at Dressage Camp...someday :) Have a wonderful time and post lots!
TBDancer said…
Hey, you've got three of the basic food groups there for your snacking--protein, fat, and chocolate. I'm certain your dressage camp experience will be STELLAR. Am looking forward to reading all about the adventure!
Anonymous said…
hope you learn lots and have a great time:)
Megan said…
Dressage camp sounds so fun! I hope you learn lots and have lots of fun!
Achieve1dream said…
So exciting! I can't wait to hear about it. :)