April Plan - Preparation

My plan for April is to solidify Training Level. Here's how I'm going to approach it:

1. Stretch (me) before mounting 
2. Warm up:
  • Time to be dependent on needs of the day
  • Begin walking on a long rein and do my mounted stretches as we do so
  • Walk  on a 20m circle, lengthening and shortening stride; bend in and out on a 20m circle
  • Trot 20m circle, do walk trot transitions, do 'stretchy' circle
  • Trot 1/4 line loops both ways
  • Walk leg yield both ways
  • Canter large; canter on and off 20m circle; canter / trot transitions on 20m circle
3.  Ride and video Training Level tests 1 and 2
4. Study videos and make a list for concentrated improvement
5. Develop training plan from videos and incorporate a minimum of one hack and one day of free jumping per week in plan
6. do ground work outside the fenced area after each ride
7. schedule a visit to the show grounds and book an hour in the arena one week +/- before the show

There, I have a plan to start getting focused. Doug and I free jumped Rogo and Savanah yesterday and they were in heaven - they kept avoiding the low cross rail we had set up and jumping the four foot bar we had between the little cross rail and the fence. Savanah literally tucks her hind feet against her belly and neither horse ever hit a rail - they were clearing four feet with miles to spare :) It was so fun to watch them and Rogo was galloping and turning on a dime like a compact little cutting horse instead of a 17 +h warm blood. I had no idea he could move like that. Savanah does this HUGE trot that is just to die for when she gets excited and happy like that. Fun times.


I like your plans Carol - very well thought out.

Your warm-up sounds great. Putting in days for "fun" stuff like hacks and jumping - also good thinking.

Thanks for getting it all down "on paper" I'm taking notes ;)
Story said…
That's an awesome plan! I think if I could put together good plans like that I would get less anxious about...everything!
Jan said…
Carol, That's a great plan! Very thoughtful. And your putting in jumping and hacking and groundwork sounds good also, adding variety. The session with the horses having fun jumping sounds neat! Good work by everybody!
Sarah said…
I'll echo everyone else-what an awesome plan! I'm in awe of your discipline and dedication, while still making time for fun:)
Achieve1dream said…
I wish I could have seen them jumping and Savanah's big trot. Sounds great!

Your plan sounds great. I think making lists and plans help me stay organized and motivated so I really hope it works as well for you. :) I think hacking out and free jumping are fantastic ways to break up the monotony and to work different muscle groups too. Good job!