2010's Top 10

Just for fun I thought I'd reflect on my top 10 dressage related activities or events of 2010. It will help me feel like I'm getting somewhere! Here they are, in no particular order of preference:
  1. I came back from a three month riding lay off (one month bruised hoof for Rogo, immediately followed by two months nerve injury/thing in base of neck for me) - it was like starting from scratch for him and I was shaky weak just mounting. 
  2. I had my first canter on Rogo on the eve of 2010, so I'm including it in the list. It was a high, and then a somewhat nerve wracking winter as I confirmed it with him - I'd never asked a green four year old to canter on a fairly loose rein, sometimes with encouragement from Cheryl with the longe whip :)
  3. I got Rogo professionally fitted for and bought a nice saddle. It's a WOW and he really seems to like it. We did the same with Savanah only she got an Albion which was perfect for her. We kept buying not quite the right thing, so we decided to takes savings and get the saddles they needed and then - no more saddles - this is it! I also had a double bridle custom made for Rogo, and I can use it as a single for now. This is his lifetime tack.
  4. I took Rogo to his first show. I was a nervous wreck as I had no idea how he'd act. I actually felt nauseous whenever I thought about it, even the winter before, but I knew if it worked out okay and he liked it, that it would be so much fun later. He was upset for about 5 minutes, then almost too relaxed! (I'm not complaining!)
  5. I watched Doug take Savanah to his first ever show. They did so well and moved from 6th to 1st place over the weekend. I found out it's really fun to be the groom and have no pressure.
  6. I became co-chair of our Province's dressage club and met the most wonderful, amazing woman who's the other co-chair. I can't say enough good about her - she's fun, strong, super intelligent, devoted to and knowledgeable about horses, has values you could stake your life on and on top of all that is  really, really nice.
  7. I was competition manager for two dressage shows. One was canceled because of a hurricane at the 11th hour and the other went off without a hitch.
  8. I took Rogo on his first hack. We went by ourselves on the beach and he loved it and although he was quite looky and a little excited about it (why not - he'd never seen these things before), he was also very well behaved.
  9. I started blogging as a way to keep a training journal and I discovered it has so many benefits. I love getting feedback and ideas from other people and I often incorporate them or at least take comfort that I'm not alone - others have been here before! I feel like I've 'met' so many great horse people this way.
  10. I met some wonderful dressage people here in our Province. The woman who started Nova Scotia Dressage (a website for dressage people in our Province), other riders at the shows, the women on our dressage association Board, ...
and a bonus item!
  1. Rogo's Christmas present to me - the collected canter circle that he just offered up on Christmas Eve as I prepared for the end of our ride. I cried. It was a high.
I'm going to think about year goals, but off the top they need to include making it more fun for the horses - free jumping, a turn around the outdoor when it isn't too slippery, clicker training, etc. I have to give it more thought. Ideas anyone?


Jeni said…
Those are all great accomplishments Carol! I have YET to canter Rosie. She's HUGE, STRONG and GREEN! And still occasionally runs through my hands. Can't have that in a canter so I keep putting it off. Her canter is beautiful slow and rhythmic on lunge though so I know it will be beautiful.

Here's my two cents on horse training per say. No timeline really and I believe in a well rounded multi-purpose horse. One I can take on trail reliably as well as walk into either a Dressage ring, English Pleasure or even Western Pleasure. I do ride all disciplines, and even have barrel raced. The only thing I physically cannot do anymore is jump.

Whatever you do with Rogo I'm sure will be a blast for both of you!

Best wishes and good thoughts for injury free year full of riding and fun with family and horses!
Jan said…
Carol, That's a wonderful list! Lots of good things on it! I especially like #4 about taking Rogo to his first show; I can relate about your worry about it beforehand. Sometimes fear can just turn us inside out; so it is great that it turned out well. I, too, was worried about taking Buckshot off the farm to a reining clinic as I had never done that before. He was a bit nervous at first, okay, more than a bit. I still have to work through my tendency to worry about it; it an ongoing challenge I think for many of us. And like you said about one of the benefits of blogging- it is nice to know others have gone through similar things! It has been a big help to me as well. Happy 2011!
TBDancer said…
I agree with everyone's comments: That IS a wonderful list and certainly gives you a rich field to choose from for the goals to accomplish for 2011 ;o) I've had rides like yours where things just "come together" and result is a ride that brings tears of joy (and a big fat carrot for the horse!)

Happy New Year and I look forward to reading more of your adventures with Rogo.
Dom said…
How productive!!!
Rising Rainbow said…
Lots of great things on your list. Guess I didn't know that you had been a competition manager. If you have the confidence to do that, showing should be a snap! Those nerves you get are about doubt. Believe in yourself and your horse and you'll do great.

Happy New Year!

You've accomplished so much in a year. Wow - I didn't realize that you came back from a two month break due to injury. I've been whining about losing a weekend lol :)

Keep up the good work!
juliette said…
Happy year in review - my favorite part of your year was the Christmas eve collected canter - that Rogo, he is a sweet, sweet boy!