WEG Viewing

I'm interested in watching the WEG and thought some readers might be too. I'm not very technical, so I hope this works. Universal Sport offers free live streaming of  WEG dressage, eventing and jumping and can be found at the site below.

1. To register for Universal Sport's WEG live streaming

2. Universal Sports WEG Live Streaming Schedule

Here's the site for FEI TV. You can watch live streaming of all of the WEG disciplines. You have to pay for it and there are different packages available. $12.99/ month will get you the WEG and for $69.00 you can buy a yearly subscription.

Does anyone else have other good options for watching? I'll post this to my media links page (see tab above) for ease of finding.

Found one on Calm, Forward, Straight here it is -USEF Network  
I think the above only works in the US.

I'll finish by saying I'm very disappointed and disturbed when I read about some training methods used by some international dressage competitors, notably rollkur, hyperflexion, low, deep and round or what ever name it is being called this week. I know some people are avoiding watching international competition for this reason, but there is still good training occurring, and amazing horses to see. Maybe we'll see the judges rewarding it more? I hope so.


Story said…
I spent a good day searching and didn't come up with any stream options other than the ones you found. There is also the limited coverage on NBC across 3 Sundays. I have my DVR set!
Wolfie said…
You are not alone when it comes to being disturbed by the use of rollkur. It's unnecessary and, in my opinion, doesn't "look" good. Thanks for posting the links!
Anonymous said…
My trainer is going to WEG for a girl trip. I am so jealous!
Yes, I am so sick of rolkur, ldr, hyperflexion, different name same cruel technique.
I enjoy your blog as I am a dressage wannabe on my little Quarter Horse, but hey, I'm only getting older and ya gotta work with what ya got:) Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Carol said…
Hey Horse Mom, dressage on a quarter horse is great, just ask Lynn Palm! She rides quarter horses and paints to FEI levels. With their versatility and typically good dispositions they make the perfect mount for many people. And you do fun camping trips with your horses, maybe not so practical on a big warm blood (although I'd like to try it :) )
Jan said…
Carol, Thanks for the information about the WEG streaming. I have an old-fashioned hard line Internet connection so I rarely watch video (it is choppy and slow) and Sundays I will be at the farm with Buckshot, so I am reconciled to reading blogs of the games. Oh well. And I share your feelings about rolkur- it looks so very painful and cruel to the horse, in my opinion.
Story said…
I got an email yesterday from the USEF saying that they will have about 65 hours of coverage on their site USEFNetwork.com so it looks like we have one more option! :)
Hurricanes12 said…
Thanks for the link, I hope I can get coverage from NZ.
I'm gutted I can't go over to support the Kiwi's this year!