Doug and I Have a Lesson with Joan

Doug and I both had a lesson with Joan before we went to our Harley Club camping weekend on Fri. We both had good lessons. Doug and Savanah are getting ready to compete on the Labour Day weekend (I'm volunteering). They worked on cantering and transitions. It went well, except that Doug won't believe Joan and I that HE is the one at fault when Savanah doesn't go where he wants. I'm going to have to video tape them so he'll see for himself.
Rogo and I had our first introduction to collection. Of course we won't do collection for a long time - this was just to introduce the idea - get him to use his hind end a little more and come onto the bit. We did it on a circle, at walk and trot. Joan had me push with my seat and legs, while vibrating the reins, and rolling my hands under or taking a bit if needed. We just asked for a few steps, maybe five or six. He responded nicely and Joan thought he did well. He lifted  his forehand ever so slightly and brought his head up and in, while using his hind quarters a bit more. We are only to practice it in very small amounts, a few steps.
We did a canter each way, and they were probably his best ever - nice transition at the first quiet ask, no rushing, steered nicely into and out of a good 20 m cicrle, etc. I wouldn't go so far as to say he was round, but it's moving in the right direction.
We had coffee afterward. Joan is wondering about Rogo's forwardness, or lack of. He was fine in our lesson, but very draggy at his last show. He was always a little on the lazy side until last spriong, starting early in April. He became so forward - it was amazing and wonderful. It went away again after 3 months, so I don't know what started it or why it stopped. There are so many variables - he gets more turn out at home (but being in his stall a lot in the past didn't make him more energetic), he was getting more grain because he had gotten lean in a growth spurt during that time, the weather is a lot warmer now, he may be growing again now (hind end is up a bit) which takes their energy I'm told, etc., etc. 
I'm GLAD he was quiet for his first shows, or I wouldn't have enjoyed taking him, but we'll have to look into nutrition, etc. if he gets too laid back.


Jeni said…
Sounds like a good lesson for all.

Rosie is sluggish too, but she's kinda supposed to be! After todays ride I'm in no hurry to speed things up.
I think video taping a lesson/ride is a great tool for showing where you are and sometimes why what you're doing isn't working.

Sounds like you had a great lesson. Have fun at the upcoming show.
Wolfie said…
Video taping my session is one of the best learning tools I have ever used.

Gem can be a bit on the lazy side. But he will go through periods where he is really energized, which sometimes makes me nervous. :-) I wonder if it's the changes in the seasons or weather....
Carol said…
I love being videoed (for my own viewing only :) ), but Doug isn't as keen! I find it a huge help.
Wolfie - I wondered about the season too. Rogo wasn't all that energetic in the winter, but he seemed to love the spring and his energy went down as the heat went up. You may be on to something.
Jan said…
Carol, Wonderful work on collection! I didn't realize it had to be taught in such tiny increments. It sounds like Rogo is making such nice progress. I am a bit jealous of your ability to video yourself riding (don't have anyone/equipment to do so) but recent photos a fellow boarder took of me revealed some things I need to work on, so I agree with you about the importance of these things. Thanks!