Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Battle Scars

As you can see, I'm very lucky I didn't break my arm. This is four days out. Rogo's swelling is gone today so I'll start riding him again Thursday. Thanks for the kind wishes!

Sunday, July 19, 2015


We had a mishap in our lesson on Friday, and once again I can tell you that I was saved by my helmet, on a day on a horse where some people might think it wasn't needed.
My sweet, calm, trained ten year old was doing a lovely canter up the long side in the indoor. It was a quiet, sunny day and I was having a lesson.
Suddenly with no warning he tripped and went down hard. I slammed into the 2 X 6 rough cut kick wall with my head and arm. I'm unharmed except for a badly bruised arm, but without a helmet it would have been a different story.
Rogo's left front is slightly swollen. He hit it with a back foot and it's scraped a bit. He's on bute and is going to have a few days off. Fingers crossed he heals quickly and well.
I'm not sure what caused his fall. I went back to look at the hoof prints and I could clearly see the step he took where he went down. There was a small rock inside the hoof print. Joan, my teacher, thought the stone must have rolled. Maybe it hurt his foot. I really don't know so that's kind of scary.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Trot Canter Trot

I've been putting off posting because I'm so far behind, I have videos and pictures from the Arthur Kottas clinic to edit, etc. But... I just don't get there so I'm jumping in with where we are right now.
Rogo and I are schooling level three and some of four. It isn't show ready but we're making respectable progress for the most part.
Want to know where my biggest challenge is right now? I guess the title gave it away - trot / canter, a training level requirement.
Unless Rogo is on a circle we're picking up the wrong lead (from trot) much too often. We have walk / canter nailed; I'd even go so far as to say 100%. He gets canter and counter canter from walk anywhere in the arena.
I haven't worked on this with my instructor  because she assumed it was something I could fix myself, but I'm going to be asking for help. We get it, but then I forget to practice it and it's gone again. I can feel that he feels easily blocked on the inside shoulder from trot to canter, so it seems to help a bit if I slightly raise the inside hand. Also if I collect his trot A LOT before I ask, that helps too.
However, an easy and fluid transition from trot to canter mid long side eludes us. He is 100% on a circle or corner, but if I try putting him in that position on the long side it doesn't help get the correct lead.
Any suggestions are welcome. For now I think we'll practice it on the circle much more and then start 'stretching' the circle down the long side.