Battle Scars

As you can see, I'm very lucky I didn't break my arm. This is four days out. Rogo's swelling is gone today so I'll start riding him again Thursday. Thanks for the kind wishes!


That's a nasty road rash!
Ouch! Glad it wasn't worse!
Anonymous said…
Wow! That's nasty and I'll bet it hurts too. Hope you heal up soon and glad Rogo's OK.
Ouch with a capital O! Glad you're both healing.
TeresaA said…
ouch! that looks painful!

Glad to hear that you and Rogo are one the mend.
Michelle said…
I didn't tell you thank-you in the previous post for telling your experience. I'm pretty good about wearing my helmet, but something can happen on ANY horse, ANY ride.
Lori Skoog said…
It sounds like that stone could have caused the fall. So glad you two are ok. I can't imagine riding without a helmet.
achieve1dream said…
Ouch!!!! You are lucky it's not broken. Wow. I'm glad Rogo is better! I hope your arm heals up quickly. You're so tough to be riding with it like that! I wimp out for much milder things haha.