How We Spent the Winter

I want to remember the past winter. It was one of a kind. We lived in a lean to camp / RV combination much of the time, so we'd be with the horses. We didn't have running water. Heat was supplied by an old wood stove. Some mornings when I got up there was ice on the top of my water glass.
Mom was home in Noel Shore but she came up for Christmas (I went back and forth between the two places). One of the pictures is of Mom and Doug at Christmas time, with the dogs.
The other picture is of Doug's brothers Gary and Greg in the camp. We had so many good times!
I've enjoyed this time but it's been hard. I trade casseroles and ring time for riding lessons. We routinely work 12 hour days and there aren't any days off.
This year we'll build living quarters and slowly we're getting things done, but last winter was an adventure and looking back - it was lots of fun.


You survived what sounds like an adventure. Especially, with the winter we had!
achieve1dream said…
It does sound like it's been quite an adventure! I've checked out your Facebook page and the place is looking gorgeous! I'm so happy you're getting to realize your dream. I'm hoping for a foal update hehe. She must be so big now!