Sunday, September 25, 2011


After losing my will to ride for two weeks (a first), now I can't get enough. Today I rode twice. I'm constantly plotting how I can spend the winter with lessons and training five days a week (retirement money? more consulting work?), and when I'm not on the horses, I'm watching training videos or studying dressage books (currently the classic 'The Complete Training of Horse and Rider by Podhajsky).

It's just a paperback copy I found at a used book store, but it's a bible for dressage people. I've read it fitfully before, opening it here and there, but now I'm going cover to cover. Joan's teaching aligns very closely (but not completely) with this book. She studies all of the masters and can quote from them at will and tell stories about debates and schools of thought going back hundreds of years.
Since I can't work with Joan right now, and maybe never, this approach will have to do for the time being. But I digress.
Back to riding - Jennifer and Maria came to visit today, to ride and take pictures. Maria is an excellent amateur photographer, so I'm hoping to have some nice pictures to post soon. It was SOOO fun to spend the morning with them.
I'm finding I'm still way behind where I was in my training. Maybe this is partially feeding my frenzy for lessons? Anyway, Rogo was so sluggish when I rode this morning that I had to get on again this evening. I couldn't let the sun go down on that lack of energy :) So I saddled up again, DETERMINED to have a forward ride and voila - I got a forward ride. What does that tell you about intent? Why do I keep forgetting this? Please, if I start whining about lack of energy and forwardness again, remind me that I set the pace and the tone. There's the crux of it - at 50+ I get out of shape really fast. So it's hard for me bounce back with energy from a lay off. Between the two weeks of not feeling like riding preceded by Rogo's cut leg I haven't been riding regularly for awhile.
I evilly felt a little better when Jennifer, who's a very good rider, found Rogo exhausting too. She's only in her early / mid twenties and in good shape, so it's not just me :) Jennifer, if you're reading this forgive me, but I can't help myself. Misery loves company :) Now you have to come back and ride him again so you can experience good Rogo!
I was going to describe the visit, riding on the beach, etc. but I think I'll wait until I have pictures and let them tell the story. It was a really fun day.


Jeni said...

So happy your funk has sort of lifted. At least your riding again, and wanting to ride.

Can't wait for the pictures!

Amy said...

I too go through those times of lack of motivation to ride. Glad you came out of it with a bang and had a great day with friends. Soooo jealous about the beach riding. Can't wait to see pics and read about it.

Kate said...

It's a great book - I don't do formal dressage, but find the book very useful.

Christine said...

Can't wait to see pictures!

Annette said...

It looks like I'll have to add that book to my list! I go through riding funks every so often as well. I'm glad I'm not the only one -- they mystify me. I don't know why I lose the desire to ride, but I just do. ...and then it comes roaring back stronger than ever. Wierd.

Shannon said...

That particular book lives on my coffee table because I flip through it so much! I haven't read it cover to cover in years, though... it's a bit heavy. I also like Podhajsky's "My Horses, My Teachers" for a lighter reading day.

Glad to hear you've regained your enthusiasm. I've often noticed the same thing in my training. I get caught up in life and the horses get set aside for a bit. But, I always return invigorated and ready to work. As they say, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder"!

Carol said...

Thanks guys. It's reassuring to me that other people go through non riding times. It's never happened to me before, unless my health prevented it. I was feeling down, but I'm surprised it affected my riding. And then when it comes back, it's stronger than ever! Like the riding addiction is making up for lost time :)

Jenn said...

Oh Carol, I am so sore today! I would love to get on Rogo again if you'd let me after that poor display of coordination!:P I'm super excited to see the photos too

Love Jenn

Jan said...

Carol, So glad you had a nice day and ride with Rogo! Your interest in reading is also inspiring. Tell us more about it!

achieve1dream said...

I've noticed sometimes randomly I'll have a session where Chrome is really sluggish but is fine later in the day and wonder if I didn't interrupt naptime.

I'm glad your evening ride was better. Can't wait to see the pictures!