Remember When I Said

That it was probably going to rain for two weeks, because I'd just written a two week training calendar? Well, guess what? You've got it - it's been raining steady since. It's raining right now. Then again, maybe this is the riding goddess's way of preventing us chronic over preparers (?) from always arriving at the show with a tired horse.
Never to be deterred in my type A approach, I'm studying tests, visualizing my rides, and running (in the rain, on the beach with the dogs). What Rogo and I really need is show miles. Until we get them, our competition rides won't be what they should be and I'll continue to be somewhat nervous. I made a promise to myself after all the good advice I got to my last post though - I'm not going to lose sight that this is for fun. 
For anyone reading who also gets nervous as we approach show season, and just to keep me in the right frame of mind, I'll reflect on Rogo's first show. He jumped out of the dressage ring in his first class and knocked one whole side of the ring down. How embarrassing is that? There was stunned silence for a few moments and I just froze and wanted to sink into the ground. Of course it all worked out fine, his other classes were good and now I have a funny (?) story to tell. Now, God help me, if I can just stay on I have no where to go but up. Hope I haven't jinxed myself...
Here is a link to arena figures that I find very helpful in learning where I should be when riding my tests. This site also has arena diagrams that you can print in multiples per page to use when memorizing.
Hope to have a ride / training update soon.


Karen said…
:) I'm right there with ya. My horse and I need show miles ... we need to go down that centerline as much as possible this year. I always freak out about memorizing my tests. In the end it usually ends up OK tho. :)
You and Rogo will be great. No worries!

I've been doing farm work instead of riding for the last week or so - there's a good chance I'll have a more forward horse than usual when we get back to work (!) I was planning on heading up to my trainers farm for lessons this weekend... of course it's probably going to rain.

Thanks for the cool link!
Jeni said…
Thank you for that link! Take Rogo (in hand)on those runs on the beach =)
Anonymous said…
Ugh, that has to be tough waiting for good weather to ride. If I had to that here in Washington state I'd ride about 50 days a year.
I'm trying to get a test memorized as well. I don't know how people can just randomly pull up a test in their head and know it. Hopefully it will eventually be like a piece of music and each step will flow. That part has me the most nervous!
Anonymous said…
I hate this rain!!! I'm lucky to have a nice indoor, but it isn't nice for the race horses who would rather gallop out then jog in the shedrow. Everyone's personality is different, if I looked at a test on paper over and over I would loose it all up in my head. If it works for you then good, you are on the right path.

Just remember, the rain will eventually clear (right?) and soon we will all be riding out again and our horses will all be happy (...right??) ;)
Hey - I left you a comment yesterday... stupid blogger.

You and Rogo are a perfect pair - you will do beautifully in the show ring - I know it! A very wise friend of mine always says "Good news, bad new... too soon to tell." No worries about the training delay.

Thanks for the super cool link! :)
That would be news, not new ;)
Lori Skoog said…
Yesterday we got into the monsoon mode and will be in it for days. My outdoor arena is REALLY flooded, and this is just the beginning. What a crazy year. Hang in there.
It's always good to have a funny story about what happened at a show to keep it all in perspective. Love the jumping out of the ring story. Hope your rain stops soon.
Jan said…
Carol, You are so funny- I love reading your posts! Your type A behaviors- too funny! But you are so dedicated too, it is inspiring. I love the story of Rogo's first show- it does give you something (now) to laugh about and reminds you it can only get better! LOL!