Show Prep Tools

1. The Dressage Directory has amazing test and figure diagrams as well as blank arena diagrams that you can print (multiples / page) when memorizing tests. It's one of the best resources I've found.

2. Here is the link to Dressage Canada tests.

3. These CADORA Tests are useful to use for practice, when you don't want to spend too much time practicing the test you'll ride at the show (in case your horse anticipates).

4. Here are a couple of youtube instructions for dressage button braids used for shows. I use the first technique and although it looks cumbersome I was able to do a passable job at my first show in about an hour. Use waxed thread.
And the second example, using yarn.

5. My tried and tested dressage show packing check list.

6. Clipping for a show

7. Hmmm, not a dressage show technique, but I thought  I'd put it here as I want to keep a record of this scallop braid

8. Running and French braids - French is used at dressage shows for horses with really thick manes, i.e. Baroque breeds

9. Weave (for braiding)

10. Level 1 tests being ridden, with written tests beside