Media Links

1. At Clip My Horse you can watch many horse shows, live and archived, although the site and commentary are in German.

This site has lots of dressage current events. The link is to the new FEI diagrams on permitted head/neck positions in response to the rollkur controversy. Maybe it's just me, but the first two don't look like classical training or good ideas from the horse's perspective...

3. Euro Dressage

4. Dressage Today magazine

5. Club Equestrian

6. Country Chanel TV has lots of free equine videos and shows

7. Here is the dressage archive from Horse TV.

8. Atlantic Canada Horse TV (who knew?)

9. On The Bit, Australia's On-Line Dressage Magazine

10. HORSE HERO - Paradise for Horse Lovers on Film

11. Horse Girl TV

12. Equestrian Life

13. My post about WEG coverage

And some good Facebook pages with useful equestrian links:

13. Global Horse Culture

14. Horse Illustrated

15. Horse and Rider

16. CLUB Stable Woman

Stories, Videos
1. Dressage Parody

Useful Links

1. A post containing links to good warm up articles, video